PJ Impex understands the fruit and vegetable business. With a superior supply network that stretches from the Americas to Asia, we’re able to take advantage of prime market conditions as well as react to sudden changes that arise. The end result is that our customers get the quality they expect at a price they can afford. The range of fresh produce we offer is wide, from apples to cauliflower to Chinese vegetables, allowing us to deliver staples as well as specialty items.

A list of fruit and vegetables offered by PJ Impex:
Fruits Vegetables
Apples Corn
Blueberries (wild and cultivated) Peas
Cranberries Beans
Strawberries Carrots
Cherries Onions
Raspberries Broccoli
Kiwis Cauliflower
Blackberries Turnips
Melons Celery
Gooseberries Peppers
Currants Chinese vegetables