PJ Impex is a leading exporter of Canadian pork, a product world-renown for its wholesomeness and leanness. The Canadian pork industry puts quality above all else, with the supply chain closely monitored by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency from slaughter to delivery. No meat makes it to market without the Canadian government’s stamp of approval. P.J. Impex also enjoys a close relationship with U.S. suppliers, representing the largest pork industry in the world, allowing us to meet the demands of all customers.

A list of pork products offered by PJ Impex:
Hams Bone In Trimmings/Fat 45% to 90%
  Boneless Skinless   Blade meat
  Boneless Skin on   skinless cutting fat
  3 pieces (inside, outside, knuckles)   skinless back fat
Picnics Bone in   Leaf lard
  Boneless cushion in/out Sundries front feet
Butts Bone in   hind feet
  Katarosu (boneless)   hocks
  collar (boneless)   lacone
  1/4 (boneless)   jowls
Loins Bone in   bones
  Boneless scb   skin (back, bellies, hams)
  Boneless main muscle Variety Livers
  tenderloins   tongues
Bellies Boneless, skinless   kidneys
  single rib   hearts
  boneless square cut   lungs
Ribs Spare ribs   stomach
  Back ribs   Diaphragm
Other meat products offered by PJ Impex:
Beef Veal Lamb Horse Mutton